Outdoor furniture : Maintenance

This wood is completely imputrescible and has a negligible dilation according to the climatic variations, teak was employed for the shipbuilding during several centuries, this is why it is used today for manufacture of garden furniture.
Thanks to its exceptional weather resistance, teak keeps a perfect and constant quality. It can stay outside all the year even on mountains under snow.
In time, teak turn in a silver plated color (a natural phenomenon) and adorns with light surface cracks which do not deteriorate its aesthetic aspect and its solidity.
Never use products containing pellicular products (varnished…) and linseed oil.
Two options are given:
Natural mordoré option:
When the furniture is new, use oil for teak,
once or several times per year according to areas', on a perfectly dry wood
and free from night moistures. If you do not respect this advice, the product will keep moistures and it will appear, as a consequence, black spots of mould on your teak furniture. To make them disappear,
that will require the sandpapering of teak furniture.
When you wish to get back the original color to a teak piece of furniture untreated,
it is necessary to clean it with product CLEAN TEAK and then to stabilize with oil for teak.
Option silver plated gray
On a dirty silver plated gray teak furniture, black dark aspect, vaporize CLEAN TEAK, then use water to wash with a natural brush until you get back the silver gray color in order to rehighlight the veining of teak furniture.

We advise you not to use grittings to clean your metal pieces of furniture. A sponge blow with a little crockery liquid will be enough.
Metal furniture is treated in order to be left outside. Nevertheless, for a better conservation, we invite you to take in your outdoor furniture during the winter season or to shelter it from bad weather.

It is a 100% polyester PVC coated tear-proof fabric. It is solid, flexible, unaffected by UV rays and anti-mould treated.
With this coating, a cushion is useless!!
For preservation, it can be cleaned with soap and water, nothing more!