Sixties Fermob

DESIGN Frédéric Sofia

The compact and curvy Sixties collection perfectly embodies the Fermob attitude: resolutely young and laid-back. With welcoming curves, a colourful aluminium frame, a resin seat that's sensual to the touch, and airy woven patterns, Sixties promises gentle moments outside… and in.

VIA Label awarded: 2010

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  • 379,00 €

    The Sixties armchair – young, comfortable and accessible – is fully compatible with the In&Out trend. With its generous and comfortable forms, fresh from the imagination of Frédéric Sofia, it forms a cocoon – a welcoming and reassuring shell. Its woven resin seat, sensual to the touch, is combined with an aluminium frame, giving this armchair a...

    379,00 €
  • 645,00 €

    Soft lines and inviting shapes, a compact, lightweight, fashionable and robust product: perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Wouldn’t you like to cuddle up to someone on this bench! Try it for yourself!

    645,00 €
  • 299,00 €

    THE SIXTIES COLLECTION IS GROWING for its fans' happiness ! The Sixties collection has extended its reach beyond the living room and into the dining room, with a new small chair designed by Frédéric Sofia that is equally at home indoors and outdoors. This attractive three-legged chair is both elegant and welcoming. The bicolour sets the trendy side of...

    299,00 €
  • 329,00 €

    This low table complements the Sixties armchair perfectly, and is just as light and compact.

    329,00 €
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items