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  • 1900 Fermob

    Exclusive registered designs
    Romantic lines, hand-forged scrollwork using ancient crafts and techniques that make each item a unique piece of furniture: the 1900 range is a collection steeped in history that inspires poetry and intimacy. So, suspend time, listen to nature, read a book... and picture yourself, cocooned between peace and pleasure – irresistible!

  • Alfred Fermob
  • Alizé Fermob

    DESIGN Pascal Mourgue

    Alizé boasts all the nobility and elegance of the transatlantic liners. Designed by Pascal Mourgue, this collection is a lesson in lightness: lightness in terms of materials, which sees an aluminium frame combined with OTF, and lightness in terms of lines, with its extremely clean and crisp curves. It's a collection that attracts you with its design and wins you over with its extreme comfort!

    VIA Label awarded: 2004

  • Ange Fermob

    DESIGN Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

    In creating Ange, designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac restyled the 1900 chair, one of the emblematic references of the Fermob catalogue. He offers us a kiss between two cherubs, and a poem that lies somewhere between Cocteau and Saint-Exupéry. The designer invites you to take flight on this chair, with its wings spread wide... for a moment of escape among the clouds.

  • Basics Fermob
  • Bebop Fermob
  • Bellevie Fermob

    DESIGN Pagnon Pelhaître

  • Biarritz Fermob

    With its streamlined look, the Biarritz table is the ultimate handy family table, but with a contemporary twist. Thanks to its two side extensions, the generously proportioned and extremely stable Biarritz table can be lengthened from 2 to 3 metres in no time at all… perfect for improvised lunches and impromptu dinners.

  • Bistro Fermob

    Exclusive registered designs - The original since 1889
    Folding furniture, developed at the end of the 19th century, was immediately popular among lemonade sellers of the day, as it was quick and easy to pack away, which allowed them to avoid paying the licence for a permanent terrace!
    Fermob developed the Bistro range from the original model described in the "Simplex" patent registered in 1889 – and of which the brand is now the trustee – and produced an ingenious, simple collection that is bursting with joy and which has lost none of its charm and authenticity!
    Bistro continues to delight today, with its distinctive chairs and 10 table formats to mix and match. Furthermore, its typically French style has won fans in Times Square and Bryant Park in New York.

  • Cadiz Fermob
  • Caractère Fermob

    Gardens and patios are first and foremost places to host friends, family and neighbours. Ths is precisely why Fermob has designed the Caractère table. It is a simple yet smart, practical and comfortable item.

    It can accomodate up to 8 people, and can be combined with 1 or 2 other tables making it ideal for large groups.

  • Cargo Fermob

    With its cast-iron base, central leg and three types of tabletop, the Concorde pedestal table is designed to meet the stability, comfort and modularity requirements of professionals. Available in all 24 shades of the Fermob metal colour chart.

  • Charivari Fermob

    DESIGN Juliette Liberman

    Exclusive registered design

    Juliette Liberman’s original prototype for the Charivari bench featured a wooden seat, using the same steam-bending procedure traditionally employed by shipwrights to construct the ribs of boats. .. For Fermob, she brilliantly replaced this with a metal seat. The result is a graceful, generously proportioned bench with an astonishingly light appearance, featuring curved aluminium slats which appear to be draped like fabric over the steel frame, flexible and undulating as if in constant motion...

  • Concorde Fermob

    With its cast-iron base, central leg and three types of tabletop, the Concorde pedestal table is designed to meet the stability, comfort and modularity requirements of professionals. Available in all 24 shades of the Fermob metal colour chart.

  • Costa Fermob

    Exclusive registered designs

    Costa, with its "graphical" style and an ultra-contemporary look full of character, is a range that makes a statement. Elegant, modern and inspired, this collection combines comfort and lightness with the greatest simplicity.

  • Craft Fermob

    Comfort and incredible stability are the watchwords for the Cosmo table, which has been developed from an eco-design viewpoint (zero offcuts of sheet metal, zero paint wastage, 100% recyclable). With its generous square format, it can comfortably seat 8 guests for meals full of merriment and festivity.

  • Croisette Fermob
  • Dune Fermob

    DESIGN Pascal Mourgue

    Exclusive registered designs

    The Dune range, with its distinctive flowing curves, is a collection of seats that are not just elegant and light, but also comfortable and cleverly designed for all aspects of outdoor living.
    The Dune chair – the "founding member" of the collection and the very first piece of outdoor furniture to combine metal and OTF in Europe – is a testament to Fermob's unique skills and know-how. Two years of refinements were necessary to obtain the right level of tension in the fabric – and thus the optimum comfort offered today – using a process that is today patented by Fermob.

  • Ellipse Fermob

    DESIGN Pascal Mourgue

    Exclusive registered designs

    With Ellipse, designed by Pascal Mourgue, Fermob has created the perfect garden lounge for farniente and well-being. The ultra-lightness of the Ellipse bench adds a touch of nomadic spirit to this collection. The Ellipse bench is a reinterpretation of the classic urban park bench, with extra comfort and a designer touch provided by its airy metal frame and welcoming seat made from OTF.

  • Envie d'Ailleurs - Fermob
  • Facto Fermob

    DESIGN Patrick Jouin

    VIA Label awarded: 1998

    The resolutely contemporary Facto chair, with its elegantly understated lines, was awarded the prestigious VIA (Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement – Development of Innovation in Furniture) Label, in particular for seamless transition between the seat and the tubing of the feet – typical of the approach adopted by its designer, Patrick Jouin, a master of creative thinking when it comes to using different techniques to innovate and surprise. The Facto range comprises a chair and bar stool that take up no space at all and boast ultra-simple yet distinctive lines – making them instantly recognisable from a distance!

  • Floreal Fermob

    An ultra-practical folding table that is also ultra-charming, thanks to its delicate perforations. Perfect for kitting out balconies and patios in no time at all.

  • Flower Fermob

    DESIGN Harald Guggenbichler

    Exclusive registered designs

    Flower is quite simply bursting with inspiration and joie de vivre! It's a collection that can't help but charm, thanks to its inspired mix of retro style and contemporary lines, with an armchair and matching pedestal table that together form a most beguiling bouquet.

  • Kintbury Fermob

    DESIGN Terence Conran

    As a furniture creator and producer, Terence Conran has brought his creative talent to numerous designs. He has now lent his eye and sense of line to Fermob to design a new range.
    In some ways it’s hardly a surprising encounter, since by his own admission, his garden is one of his favourite places, where he comes to relax, dream and find inspiration.

  • Latitude Fermob

    DESIGN Pascal Mourgue

    Latitude combines the simplicity and manoeuvrability of Bistro with the comfort and lightness of Dune. But it also expresses a certain modernity and a distinctive personality, with its customisable two-tone backrest. The upper band of the backrest is removable and made from OTF, and is therefore interchangeable. All that remains is for you to pick the two colours of your choice – the possibilities are endless! Indeed, the chair's qualities seem almost endless, too: Latitude, with its flowing lines, is light, compact, easy to store (it folds away), a pleasure to live with and a perfect example of modular furniture: how can you possibly do without it?

  • Lorette Fermob
  • Louisiane Fermob

    This bench, with its steel slats and timeless shape, looks at home in any outdoor setting.

  • Louvre Fermob

    The simple, classic lines of the Louvre range will bring more than a touch of charm and elegance to your patio or terrace, its generously proportioned seat offering unrivalled comfort.

  • Luxembourg Fermob

    DESIGN Frédéric Sofia

    The Luxembourg range, initially produced for the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, has become something of a legend in its own right. Its style is an emblem of French design – an expression of French culture in furniture form! Today, Luxembourg is a fabulous collection made from aluminium whose watchwords are lightness, joie de vivre and conviviality. Recently, Fermob asked Frédéric Sofia to reinterpret the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg, created in 1923 in the Paris parks department workshops, and which Fermob still manufactures today for the city's public gardens. The result was a whole collection of furniture with the same distinctive lines and forms, combining the lightness and resistance of aluminium with the comfort of curved seat slats.

  • Luxembourg Kid Fermob
  • Manosque Fermob

    Lightness, elegance and stability are the outstanding qualities of the Manosque table, whose understated style means it can be combined with whatever chairs take your fancy. So, let your creativity loose, and dare to mix and match shapes and colours!

  • Monceau Fermob

    Exclusive registered designs

    Monceau daringly revisits the emblematic furniture of our beloved city parks. The result: a collection with a retro touch, but which remains functional, including a compact and stackable armchair that is incredibly easy to handle!

  • Montmartre Fermob

    Exclusive registered designs

    Years of unrivalled know-how have forged the character of this collection, whose delicate forms and rounded scrollwork bear all the hallmarks of a product of tradition! Indeed, Montmartre brings with it all the spirit and atmosphere of old-fashioned French-style parks, squares and bandstands to your garden.

  • Opéra Fermob

    Lightness and elegance are the watchwords for the Opéra tables, which lend themselves to all styles, from the most classic to the ultra-contemporary. So, let your creative side loose, and mix and match Opéra with the colours and chairs of your choice!

  • Origami Fermob

    DESIGN Harald Guggenbichler

    The delicately understated Origami bench is a homage to the Asian art of paper-folding. The seat and base are created by cutting and folding a single sheet of steel. This technique makes the best use of raw materials and generates zero waste, creating a genuinely sustainable manufacturing process.

  • Pasaia Fermob
  • Plein Air Fermob

    When Pascal Mourgue designed Plein Air, he had in mind furniture that would be conducive to well-being and perfect for enjoying the fresh air… whether in the town or the country… on the patio or in the garden. The combination of fabric and a tubular steel frame, the functionality of folding furniture, and the fluidity and modernity of clean, crisp lines – these are all characteristics that make Plein Air a paragon of simplicity, lightness and mobility that is completely compatible with new lifestyles!

    VIA Label awarded: 2003

  • Rendez-vous Fermob

    DESIGN Pascal Mourgue

    Exclusive registered designs

    An air of tradition, a feeling of novelty… Rendez-vous combines classicism and creative audacity by playing with Fermob's know-how, incorporating ironwork, wirework and perforations (not to mention the elegant patterns of light they produce!). In short, Rendez-vous represents a whole range of contrasts that can be accentuated through an extensive choice of colours.

  • Romane Fermob

    This table, full of character, brings together elegance on the one hand with stability and resistance on the other, with its solid steel-tube legs and its thick, rounded-edge tabletop. Furthermore, Romane is modular, allowing you to enlarge its seating capacity from 10 to 14 guests in an instant, simply by folding out the side extensions. Perfect for your family dinners and lunches with friends!

  • Saint Tropez Fermob

    DESIGN Frédéric Sofia

    Variety and a sense of humour - that's the Fermob way! Frédéric Sofia has reworked its iconic Luxembourg low armchair, adding a supple braided yarn in some eye-catching colours. With the elasticity of this material, the seat always moulds itself to fit the user perfectly, before returning to its original tension - making for a hugely inviting chair. It offers a wonderfully comfortable place to relax, daydream, doze, snuggle up, flick through a magazine or just watch the clouds go by... but lets you do so with pure class and elegance ! Decorated in lively, bright Fermob colours, giving it a playful "pop" look, it fits well with the entire Luxembourg range or indeed any other furniture range.

  • Sixties Fermob

    DESIGN Frédéric Sofia

    The compact and curvy Sixties collection perfectly embodies the Fermob attitude: resolutely young and laid-back. With welcoming curves, a colourful aluminium frame, a resin seat that's sensual to the touch, and airy woven patterns, Sixties promises gentle moments outside… and in.

    VIA Label awarded: 2010

  • Surprising Fermob

    DESIGN Harald Guggenbichler

    With Surprising Lounger, Harald Guggenbichler and Fermob have reinterpreted the club armchair, creating a threadlike version that oozes elegance! This combined low armchair and footrest is made from flexible steel and with ergonomics in mind, offering a level of comfort that its distant British cousin would be hard-pressed to beat. It is both comfortable and clever, with a footrest that slides under the armchair with ease, making it easy to store away.

  • Tom Pouce Fermob
  • Trèfle
  • Salsa Fermob
  • Napperon Fermob
  • Louise Fermob
  • Balad Fermob
  • Infusion Graphique
  • Bacsac Fermob
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