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    The perfect combination of elegance and comfort! The Costa chair, which combines a tubular aluminium frame and an OTF seat, is very easy to stack and extraordinarily light: just 2.8 kg!

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    A NEW COLLECTION IS BORN ! Celebrity London-based designer Terence Conran has designed Kintbury, a brand new «table and chair» set for Fermob ! With its elegant and romantic curves, geometric and symmetrical lines and attractive wirework, this new collection underlines Fermob’s know-how and the designer’s inspiration. Kintbury is the today designer's...

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    The Bistro chair has been miniaturised, so that everyone – big and small – can enjoy it! It's impossible not to fall for this "mini" Bistro, made from metal and available in a host of bright colours: Lemon, Poppy or Grass Green for the boys... and Fuchsia, Carrot and Verbena for the girls!

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    The 1900 chair is part of a long French tradition of romantic parks, gardens and bandstands, but also incorporates modern-day ergonomical and practical elements, thanks to Fermob's redesign a little over 10 years ago, in order to make it foldable and more comfortable.

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    In creating Ange, designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac restyled the 1900 chair, one of the emblematic references of the Fermob catalogue. He offers us a kiss between two cherubs, and a poem that lies somewhere between Cocteau and Saint-Exupéry. The designer invites you to take flight on this chair, with its wings spread wide... for a moment of escape...

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    Life is even more beautiful… with this elegant and modern vision of the spirit of gardens picnics. This stacking and incredibly light aluminum new chair is the latest addition to this highly successful collection, alongside the existing table. Together, they form the perfectset, with pure, harmonious lines, and an ultracomfortable and highly mobile design!

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    Created at the end of the 19th century – a contemporary of the Eiffel Tower – the Bistro folding chair, simple and solid, was very popular among lemonade sellers of the day. Today, Bistro is still as charming as ever! Indeed, having been sensitively restyled by Fermob, the Bistro chair is even more joyful and ingenious than ever! Bistro: authenticity and...

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    A compact folding chair that gives the impression that it would be just as much at home in the gardens of Marie-Antoinette's Petit Trianon at Versailles as on an Alpine chalet balcony.

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    Dune, designed by Pascal Mourgue, is a testament to Fermob's unique skills and know-how. Two years of refinements were necessary to obtain the right level of tension in the fabric – and thus the optimum comfort levels offered today, and which are exclusive to Fermob. As a modern reinterpretation of the Bistro chair, Dune brings exceptional lightness and...

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    VIA Label awarded: 1998 The resolutely contemporary Facto chair, with its elegantly understated lines, was awarded the prestigious VIA (Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement – Development of Innovation in Furniture) Label, in particular for seamless transition between the seat and the tubing of the feet – typical of the approach adopted by its...

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    Designer: Pascal Mourgue  Latitude combines the simplicity and manoeuvrability of Bistro with the comfort and lightness of Dune. But it also expresses a certain modernity and a distinctive personality, with its customisable two-tone backrest. The upper band of the backrest is removable and made from OTF, and is therefore interchangeable. All that remains...

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    The simple, classic lines of the Louvre range will bring more than a touch of charm and elegance to your patio or terrace, its generously proportioned seat offering unrivalled comfort.

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    No need for the little ones to be jealous any more, with this miniature version of the legendary Luxembourg armchair, designed with three- to six-year-olds in mind. Indeed, it bears more than a passing resemblance to its big brother, with its comfortable, curved-slat seat, its light and easy-to-handle aluminium tubular frame... and the fact that it's...

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    A steel-rod frame that's oh-so-light… scrollwork full of freshness… a comfortable and generously proportioned seat… and perfect stackability – the Montmartre chair brings all the comforts of the present to a product steeped in tradition.

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    Plein Air represents an ideal in terms of simplicity, lightness and mobility, in line with new lifestyles. Its qualities? The comfort that comes from the mix of a tubular metal frame and an OTF seat, the functionality and practicality of folding furniture, the extreme stability of a U-shaped base – and, of course, its flowing, modern lines that create a...

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    Chaise empilable aux lignes fluides et élégantes. L'innovation permet d'empiler les chaises et de résoudre le problème de l'espace. Réalisée en polyéthylène et produite par rotomoulage.

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    Réalisée en polyéthylène et produite par rotomoulage. Disponible en version laquée ou pastel.

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    Réalisée en polyéthylène par rotomoulage, Kami est proposée en différentes finitions finitions : laquée pour un impact scénographique fort, total white qui évoque des formes plus impalpables et enfin, la solution la plus résolue avec comme tonalités le vert, l'orange, le rouge ou le gris.

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    Giano Arnodo ironise et interprète la classique chaise longue en créant Rococo. Réalisée en polyéthylène et produite par rotomoulage.

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    Teak folding chair. Assorted armchair and bench

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    Q4 s'inspire de la chaise classique de jardin. Dépourvue d'accoudoirs, elle est caractérisée par un côté pratique et une solidité formelle. Couleurs laquées : blanc, gris anthracite, gris métal, rouge, orange, jaune, vert et magenta.

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    Q4 s'inspire de la chaise classique de jardin. Dépourvue d'accoudoirs, elle est caractérisée par un côté pratique et une solidité formelle. Disponible en blanc, noir, gris, rouge, orange, jaune et vert.

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    It was in the 1920s that the Luxembourg low armchair first appeared along the pathways of the famous Paris park from which it takes its name, straight from the Parisian workshops where the first versions were made. Who could know then that, decades later, it would be reproduced by a workshop dedicated to traditional crafts at Fermob. In the 1990s, at the...

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    Chair with an aluminium and batyline base.

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    Sillage teak folding chair.

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