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    Umbrella with aluminium frame diam 48 mm.

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    Umbrella with aluminium frame diam 58 mm.

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    The 1900 chair is part of a long French tradition of romantic parks, gardens and bandstands, but also incorporates modern-day ergonomical and practical elements, thanks to Fermob's redesign a little over 10 years ago, in order to make it foldable and more comfortable.

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    Dune, designed by Pascal Mourgue, is a testament to Fermob's unique skills and know-how. Two years of refinements were necessary to obtain the right level of tension in the fabric – and thus the optimum comfort levels offered today, and which are exclusive to Fermob. As a modern reinterpretation of the Bistro chair, Dune brings exceptional lightness and...

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  • 489,00 €

    THE MUST-HAVE ARMCHAIR This modern, light and modular fabric armchair is already becoming the star of the Ellipse collection. It makes it possible to create un real and comfortable garden lounge set.

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  • 191,00 €

    The simple, classic lines of the Louvre range will bring more than a touch of charm and elegance to your patio or terrace, its generously proportioned seat offering unrivalled comfort.

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  • 245,00 €

    In 2004, Fermob asked Frédéric Sofia to reinterpret the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg, created in 1923 in the Paris parks department workshops, and which Fermob still manufactures today for the city's public gardens. The result was a chair and armchair with distinctive lines and forms, combining the lightness and resistance of...

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    In 2004, Fermob asked Frédéric Sofia to reinterpret the legendary chairs and armchairs of the Jardin du Luxembourg, created in 1923 in the Paris parks department workshops, and which Fermob still manufactures today for the city's public gardens. The result was a chair and armchair with distinctive lines and forms, combining the lightness and resistance of...

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  • 123,00 €

    An armchair with a retro touch that hasn't forgotten the practical side of things: its compactness, stackability and incredible ease of handling are just some of the qualities that are sure to win you over!

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  • 130,00 €

    A steel-rod frame that's oh-so-light… scrollwork full of freshness… a comfortable and generously proportioned seat… and perfect stackability – the Montmartre chair brings all the comforts of the present to a product steeped in tradition.

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  • 235,00 €

    Plein Air represents an ideal in terms of simplicity, lightness and mobility, in line with new lifestyles. Its qualities? The comfort that comes from the mix of a tubular metal frame and an OTF seat, the functionality and practicality of folding furniture, the extreme stability of a U-shaped base – and, of course, its flowing, modern lines that create a...

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  • 265,00 €

    A compact, stackable armchair whose ultra-simple lines make for a light, airy design: a single pencil line is all it takes to sketch out the curves of the feet, armrests and backrest.

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  • 309,00 €

    The Sixties armchair – young, comfortable and accessible – is fully compatible with the In&Out trend. With its generous and comfortable forms, fresh from the imagination of Frédéric Sofia, it forms a cocoon – a welcoming and reassuring shell. Its woven resin seat, sensual to the touch, is combined with an aluminium frame, giving this armchair a...

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    Umbrella with aluminium frame diam 58 mm.

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    Sunlounger with teak frame and batyline cover.

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  • 1 080,00 €

    Azur teak jointed sunlounger

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    The Balcony table is the latest in the famous Bistro range! This folding table is practical and functional, and can seat 2 people in complete privacy. Its fold-away top makes it very discreet. It is suitable for the height of balconies while ensuring stability and comfort with a clever system of jacks. It is designed to suit everyone, and can also be wall...

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    Banc empilable L'innovation permet d'empiler les bancs et de résoudre le problème de l'espace. Réalisée en polyéthylène et produite par rotomoulage.

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  • 660,00 €

    Réalisée en polyéthylène et produite par rotomoulage. Disponible en version laquée ou pastel.

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  • 816,00 €

    Réalisée en polyéthylène par rotomoulage, Kami est proposée en différentes finitions finitions : laquée pour un impact scénographique fort, total white qui évoque des formes plus impalpables et enfin, la solution la plus résolue avec comme tonalités le vert, l'orange, le rouge ou le gris.

    816,00 €
  • 99,00 €

    Ajustable beach head rest in teck.

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  • 409,00 €

    This bench, with its steel slats and timeless shape, looks at home in any outdoor setting.

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  • 445,00 €

    With its hand-forged scrolls and delicate perforations, this 1900 bench invites you to take a seat, whether for a romantic tête-à-tête or a conservation among friends.

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  • 755,00 €

    Ellipse brings to mind the metal benches present in many of our towns and cities, yet its comfort and airy appearance set it clearly apart. Available in two- and three-seater versions, it is exudes an air of well-being, while inviting unexpected confidences and peals of laughter floating through the summer evening air.

    755,00 €
  • 419,00 €

    For Fermob, Frédéric Sofia has produced a playful, colourful reinterpretation of the classic school bench: it is lighter and more modern than ever, while having lost none of its timeless charm. The Luxembourg bench, with its three generous seats, is also the perfect dinner-table companion, whether dining alone or as a table of eight.

    419,00 €
  • 515,00 €

    This bench, with its steel slats and timeless shape, looks at home in any outdoor setting.

    515,00 €
  • 589,00 €

    A light, ultra-stable bench, designed in perfect harmony with the Bellevie table from the same collection, to accommodate guests as they come and go.

    589,00 €
  • 4 510,00 €

    Designer: Juliette LibermanExclusive registered designJuliette Liberman’s original prototype for the Charivari bench featured a wooden seat, using the same steam-bending procedure traditionally employed by shipwrights to construct the ribs of boats. .. For Fermob, she brilliantly replaced this with a metal seat. The result is a graceful, generously...

    4 510,00 €
  • 149,00 €

    Children will love having their very own spot with the Luxembourg Kid bench. Combined with the chairs and tables from the Kid range, it makes for a fantastic garden set which is as fun as it is practical! And "playing house" doesn't have to stop there, as our kids will soon be able to choose items from this range coloured in every shade on the Fermob...

    149,00 €
  • 305,00 €

    A fun, colourful version of the classic school bench, with a light, modern feel... and a touch of versatility, being equally at home on its own or around the Monceau table for 2 or 3 guests.

    305,00 €
  • 425,00 €

    The delicately understated Origami bench is a homage to the Asian art of paper-folding. The seat and base are created by cutting and folding a single sheet of steel. This technique makes the best use of raw materials and generates zero waste, creating a genuinely sustainable manufacturing process.

    425,00 €
  • 515,00 €

    Soft lines and inviting shapes, a compact, lightweight, fashionable and robust product: perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Wouldn’t you like to cuddle up to someone on this bench! Try it for yourself!

    515,00 €
  • 289,95 €

    Combining comfort with an outdoor lifestyle, the Buggle-up is the ideal complement to your garden or terrace. Its tough fabric can withstand UV rays, water and dirt and its ingenious design means it is both a perfect leisure chair for one or an intimate snuggle sofa for two – you can switch effortlessly between the two. The Buggle-up is available in 16...

    289,95 €
  • 214,00 €

    The CH-AIR is a fun inflatable armchair, elegant and so comfortable, that it feels to sit on an air ball ! Inflate, and sit on the throne, wherever you go.The CH-AIR is available in three colors: White, Silver and Anthracite. (The set is supplied in a handy bag) Complete the cushion to a royal seat ! Also available in several colors : Orange, Green,...

    214,00 €
  • 95,00 €

    Designer: Sophie Labayle The Bagatelle folding chair has all the practicality and comfort of the emblematic Bistro model, but with an added touch of lightness and romance from designer Sophie Labayle, in the form of a beautiful laser-cut backrest.

    95,00 €
  • 221,00 €

    The perfect combination of elegance and comfort! The Costa chair, which combines a tubular aluminium frame and an OTF seat, is very easy to stack and extraordinarily light: just 2.8 kg!

    221,00 €
  • 229,00 €

    A NEW COLLECTION IS BORN ! Celebrity London-based designer Terence Conran has designed Kintbury, a brand new «table and chair» set for Fermob ! With its elegant and romantic curves, geometric and symmetrical lines and attractive wirework, this new collection underlines Fermob’s know-how and the designer’s inspiration. Kintbury is the today designer's...

    229,00 €
  • 56,00 €

    The Bistro chair has been miniaturised, so that everyone – big and small – can enjoy it! It's impossible not to fall for this "mini" Bistro, made from metal and available in a host of bright colours: Lemon, Poppy or Grass Green for the boys... and Fuchsia, Carrot and Verbena for the girls!

    56,00 €
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